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Next Level Dry Fire Training

Jan 13, 2023

Dry fire training is a technique used by gun owners and shooters to improve their shooting skills without the need for live ammunition. It involves practicing the various aspects of shooting, such as trigger control, sight alignment, and breath control, using an unloaded or dummy-round-loaded firearm.

One of the main benefits of dry fire training is that it is a cost-effective way to improve shooting skills. Live ammunition is expensive, and constantly using it for training can become costly. Dry fire training, on the other hand, only requires the use of a firearm and a safe place to practice.

Another benefit of dry fire training is that it allows for a greater level of focus on the mechanics of shooting. When live ammunition is used, the loud noise and recoil of the gun can be distractions that take away from the focus on proper technique. In dry fire training, the absence of these distractions allows for a greater level of concentration on the mechanics of shooting.

It is important to note that dry fire training should only be done in a safe environment, with the gun pointed in a safe direction and with all safety precautions in place. Additionally, it is important to make sure that the gun is unloaded and that there are no live rounds present before beginning dry fire training.

In order to get the most out of dry fire training, it is important to focus on proper technique and to practice regularly. This can include practicing trigger control, sight alignment, and breath control, as well as working on specific shooting drills and exercises.

Dry fire training can be done in conjunction with live fire training or as a standalone practice. It can help to improve shooting skills and can be a cost-effective way to stay proficient with a firearm. As always, safety should be the top priority and all necessary precautions should be taken when doing dry fire training.

Training memberships like Armogan’s virtual training have taken dry fire training to the next level. Teach and doing more than what can be done in a live fire range without any of the cost or inconvenience.

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