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Police Recruitment & Retention 

Significant amount of resources to included time and money goes into recruiting and training law enforcement personnel. With the typical percentage of turnover for departments above 50% in a year time span. We have developed a recruitment program that enable law enforcement agencies to recruit and retain officers for times far exceeding the normal average. By employing our method your departments will not only retain individuals but will be able to recruit the best candidates following similar principle as the most elite programs within the nation. 

Reasonable Officer Standard (ROS) Assessment 

The courts have deemed the conduct of an officer must be judged by the standard of another reasonable officer. Current climates have shifted and are demonstrating the communities need and desire for independent review of an officer's conduct by organizations not affiliated with police departments. We have developed the first Reasonable Officer Standard (ROS) that allows expert analysis and testimony to determine where an officers action are reasonable. By following our standardized practice and utilizing former police officers with flawless service records we assess the action without internal bias, based on the responding officers point of view. 

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