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Personal and public safety training so you're always prepared.

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8 Hour Course Held On Sundays.

Course covers: Legal Issues, Handgun Safety, Handguns, Marksmanship, Carrying Concealed Safety Issues, Presentation Techniques, Cleaning & Maintenance, Ammunition, and Proficiency Drills.

- Lunch Provided 

Location: Hot Springs, NC 


16 hours - Course is broken down into 4 virtual sessions and 1 in person session. Virtual sessions are via zoom and are held in the evening for your convenience. 

Course covers 

  • MD Firearm Laws, Home Safety
  • Handling & Operations, Use of Firearm
  • Marksmanship, Cleaning & Maintenance, Carrying Issues

North Carolina Concealed Carry

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Maryland Wear & Carry Permit

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This course covers:

  • Pistol operation
  • Pistol maintenance
  • Pistol safety
  • Home safety portion

Official firearm training are expensive and require extensive travel, not anymore


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Basic Shotgun


Learn how to properly handle three forms of shotgun from single shot, pump action, & Semi-automatic ensuring you can properly handle the most versatile firearm on the market. Every basic course comes with an at home safety portion so you can rest assure that your loved ones are safe.(Online)


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Basic Rifle


Learn how to safely and properly handle any style rifle from small to larger caliber and single shot, bolt-action, and semiautomatic. Every basic course comes with an at home safety portion so you can rest assure that your loved ones are safe.(Online)


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firearm training(rifle training course)

Basic Course Package

Start your firearm mastery and get immediate access to all three basic course (Pistol, Shotgun, and Rifle) with a significant discount. While you may be only wanting to learn a specific firearm currently. The desire to grow and learn more with firearms is something all owners eventually feel. 

Learn to avoid accidents and prevent gun deaths 

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