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 Advance training access to accelerate and transform your skills and life. Utilizing advance technology systems such as Mantis Laser Academy and more we can deliver elite training across the world. Don't have the system no worries we can teach you how to build an at home training system for less than a box of ammo.

Community access to secure communication and collaboration with instructors and other members. Virtual access to new training and knowledge is always available anytime.

The private community is built around professionalism and respect. So you feel comfortable to participate no matter where you are in your training journey. 

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Our Pro members get exclusive access to virtual training seminars and live training where you can come join us at our open events. Pro members can enroll as teams or individuals and compete against each other for distinguished honors.

$15 per month / $149.00 annually

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Pro Annual Plan


As a police officer, I really appreciate the training I received from Armogan Shield Academy. More specifically, the Tactical Medicine training. This training was well thought out, and delivered in a way that I was able to retain a large portion of the material. The training came at a good time, as I recently utilized some of the training during a medical emergency, with a positive result!

John V.

(Federal Lead Police Officer)

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