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Are you looking to improve your firearms skills from the comfort of your own home? Look no further! Our virtual firearms training membership offers a wide range of training options for shooters of all levels.

With our membership, you'll have access to expert instructors and a variety of training modules, including basic marksmanship, defensive tactics, and advanced shooting techniques. Our virtual training platform allows you to practice and refine your skills on your own schedule, without the need to leave your house or pay for expensive range fees.

Our membership also includes exclusive access to our online community of fellow firearms enthusiasts, where you can ask questions, share tips, and get feedback on your progress. Plus, with new training modules added regularly, you'll always have something new to learn.

Don't let the expensive ranges fees, ammo, time constraints or other factors stop you from improving your firearms skills. Join our virtual firearms training membership today and become a more confident and proficient shooter.

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Top features

  • Monthly Training Modules
  • 24/7 Community Access
  • Exclusive Affiliate Shop







Top features

  • Monthly Training Modules
  • 24/7 Community Access
  • Exclusive Affiliate Shop
  • Monthly Live Webinar Training
  • Exclusive Invite To In-person Training Events
$74.99 Annual Plan
$149.99 Annual Plan (Elite)

Mantis Laser System

Using technology to give you training access anywhere, anytime we utilize the Mantis Laser System. Here's the best part you do not have to, we can assist you in purchasing your own Mantis Laser System, or show you how to build your own system for less than a box of ammo. Another option is to use any other laser or virtual training system, whichever you prefer.

You will come for the training, but stay for the community.

Having a community of instructors and liked minded firearm owners 24/7 is revolutionary. No matter the time zone or day you have access to ideas, tips, and expert advice.

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