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Armogan Shield Academy (ASA)

Armogan Shield Academy is a premier training membership for firearm operators. The membership grants operators access to monthly training for firearms, tactical medicine, threat recognition and more. Each member has access to a private community of operators who can share knowledge and teach each other best practices.

Utilizing all that modern technology has to offer, this membership is an all in one package to ensure training and safety for those searching to better themselves in the self defense arena. Having unlimited access to the most elite instructors removes the barrier to your training abilities. 

Often training is something you can only do once a couple years due to price and time constrains. All that is removed once you join ASA. The network allows you to train at home removing the need to travel and request time off. The technology allows you to train with your real firearms without wasting a significant amount of money on ammo, range fees, and travel. Instructors make themselves available during webinar days live for any question. The private community allows you to converse, grow and ask questions with guaranteed responses 24/7.

Become the best and most prepared operator you can. Show your friends at the range how great you have become or make a positive difference in someone's life because you are prepared to deal with any situation. We are excited to have you as a member of the family.

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Firearms Training

Firearms can be complicated subject in today's society. The truth of the matter is they exist and bad people have them. Unfortunately bad people do not even need a firearm to do bad things. Firearms then become an equalizer and last line of defense against individuals who hope do you or your family harm, but they are used for so much more.

More than 11 million new firearm owners purchased their first gun in the past three years as the need to feel safe and secure in your own home and neighborhood increases. This is not the only reasons firearm owners have increased. The growth of shooting sports and sponsorships along with college scholarships have grown tremendously. Furthermore, some have found a passion for harvesting their own food and providing a natural/clean source of nutrition for their families. No matter the reason for owning a firearm, the focus of firearms training is that of a learning to use a tool properly so everyone can stay safe. 

Ensuring you know how to properly handle any firearm, for your safety and the safety of your love ones is critical. From basic to advance classes, learning these skills will improve your quality of life. Whether you are thinking of purchasing a firearm, have just recently purchased one or a current firearm owner, training on proper handling and operations are a skills you and your love ones can't ignore. Taking a course will ensure you store, handle, and operate the firearm correctly so everyone stays safe physically and legally.

If you are an experienced shooter you understand the need to continue to train and the price tags that come with that. Our courses are meant to combat those prices while still giving you the best training you can receive. 

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Tactical Medicine & CPR/First Aid Training

 Understand that emergencies happen everyday and you can ensure your family and friends are in good hands, by getting fully certified or re-certified in First Aid, CPR, & AED. The basics of first aid is a must that no person including yourself can ignore. Whether you're a parent, spouse, sibling or child you will need to render basic first aid sooner than later. Being trained will give you the peace of mind knowing you have the right equipment and skills to help when your loved one or even a complete stranger needs it most.

Tactical Medicine is not something that is just used by military or police response teams. It is teaching the individual how to handle standard medical treatment of someone during an intense situation. While these situations vary such as active shooters or natural disasters. It will also be utilized during everyday issues such as traffic accident with injuries. The everyday person is highly likely to find themselves in one of these situations at some point. Being concern of your spouse's dangerous field of work or what your child may face at school are real issues in today's world. Knowing they are more prepared with the skills to make a difference gives you the knowledge to feel assured.

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Law Enforcement Consulting

Ensure your agency/department or even personal career are being guided and protected to the fullest. We offer recruitment and retention programs to ensure you have the best officers that will stay when it counts. Additionally, we have the first standardized fully independent Reasonable Officer Standard (ROS) program that will give the officer or the agency the true officer's perspective assessments & analysis of officer involved incidents.

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