Your Safety Should Come First

Learn how to keep you and your family safe with step - by - step training and guidance on firearms and emergency medical training.

Firearm Training

Train at your own pace! Learn firearms safety and operations using Virtual Laser Training (VLT) systems with your own firearm to remove any and all training restrictions.

We believe in using VLT systems for easy, effective training anywhere at your own convenience to break through your training barriers.

- Cost effective training

- No more wasting ammo

- Train at your convenience 


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Tactical Medicine, CPR & AED

Proper medical attention given at the right time to someone who needs it can save their life.

We Offer Training:

- First Aid



Or take one of our advance courses. Click below to learn more.

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Armogan Shield Academy Membership (A-SAM)

Join our online firearms training membership with one of our two packages.

Basic Plan - Gives you unlimited monthly training with private community access to instructors and like minded operators. 

Pro Plan - Included all of  the basic plans access plus live monthly webinar training and an exclusive invitation to train in person every year with us.


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Train With Us!

Hi, I'm Frank, a former U.S Navy Helicopter Crew Chief and Federal Law Enforcement Officer. I'm passionate about my community's personal and public safety. Join me in creating a safe and secure community for you and your loved ones.

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Free Training Oppurtuntites

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firearm training for teachers

Two-Day Marksmanship Enhancement (FREE)

Marksmanship enhancement were we teach you to never miss and how to build an at home laser range for less than one box of ammo.

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firearm training testimonial

"Last summer, my school worked with Armogan Consulting & Training to find ways improve our campus. They provided an in-depth safety and security analysis with helpful feedback on what we were doing well, and where we neeeded to make changes. We so appreciated their invaluable insights and their practical, easy to work with style.

We worked with Armogan again in the Fall to equip our teachers and staff in CPR/First Aid/AED certification. Again we had a professional and positive experience.

I highly recommend Armogan. They deliver excellence, they communicate well and what they offer is very beneficial."

Erin Miller

Principal, Asheville Pisgah Christian School

tactical medicine/cpr/aed training

As a police officer, I really appreciate the training I received from Armogan Shield Academy. More specifically, the Tactical Medicine Training. The training was well thought out, and delivered in a way that I was able to retain a large portion of the material. The training came at a good time, as I recently utilized some of the training during a medical emergency, with a positive result!"

John V.

Federal Lead Police Officer

Armogan Training is about putting your safety first

Train with us, improve your personal safety skills.