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Mantis Laser Academy

Get everything you need to start your at home firearms training.

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AED Center

Every piece of medical equipment you need at discounted prices you can afford.

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Gun Oil That Improves Accuracy

Modern Spartan Systems is a revolutionary cleaning and lubrication system that works on the molecular level, reducing friction by 90%. The best part completely green so you do not need to worry about harmful chemicals and odors.

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Featured Courses

Firearm Training

The need to defend yourself or protect a loved one is increasing daily.

Our step-by-step training takes you through the basics of firearm to its safety rules and safe handling. 

Train in your own home and never bother about range fees.

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Tactical Medical Course

Being able to give proper medical care is very crucial. Especially to someone who is in dire need of it.

This medical training course teaches you how to deal with common medical problems, and what to do before emergency service arrives.

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Law Enforcement Consultation

Having the best officers in your agency or department matters a lot.

Our Reasonable Officer Standard(ROS) program makes sure you know the officer's perspective and assessments. and also analysis of officer-involved incidents.

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